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More about eMvoy

About eMvoy

eMvoy is an independent technology and industry research company that provides market intelligence through in-depth analysis of US manufacturers. Utilizing comprehensive analysis backed by proprietary data, eMvoy delivers vital business information to a range of industry sectors. eMvoy is also the only service that integrates a full-text search engine with a rating system of US manufacturers.

Chicago-based eMvoy was developed by the founders of SearchEngines.com, an industry watch group. SearchEngines.com, founded seven years ago, is frequently cited as a primary source for authoritative search marketing information on search engines and has been quoted in media outlets in over 26 countries including:
?Crain’s / B2B
?CIO Magazine
?The New York Times Learning Network
?Continental Airlines In Flight Magazine
?ZD Net Australia
?Smart Business Magazine

In addition to the Chicago Sun Times and other daily US newspapers, eMvoy has also been chronicled in numerous trade publications such as:

?Automation World

?Manufacturing Business Technology

?Reliable Plant

?Modern Machine Shop

Craig Landy is the CEO of eMvoy and also directs SearchEngines.com. He launched his first internet venture in 1996. Mr. Landy has been involved in numerous other high profile Internet-related projects. Noteworthy examples include:

?An association with the BBC World Service on a panel of contributing experts for the educational series Knowledge on the Net

?Providing analysis and comprehensive statistical data for a series of articles about search engine technology published in the Wall Street Journal.

Robert Jordan, company director, is an Inc. 500 CEO. He is the founder of Online Access magazine, the first Internet-coverage magazine anywhere in the world.

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