Tuesday, October 31, 2006


More about "The eMvoy Score" and how we ranked the states

Introducing the eMvoy Score

eMvoy evaluated 100,000 U.S. Manufacturers over a one year period. Data was compiled from a multiple sources and specific variables were identified to measure and calculate a company's attributes relating to reliability, quality and competitiveness. The results were derived from cumulative scoring of multiple factors, each having an applied qualitative weight. Algorithms were applied to normalize the combined scores. Companies were ranked based on their final score.

Obtaining Data

eMvoy evaluated U.S. manufacturers by assessing very large, representative and geographically diverse data sets. The evaluated companies were required to have a functional website and a Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code identifying them as a manufacturer with a substantial U.S. presence. eMvoy leverages its ability to analyze data from a wide range of sources. These include:


Many factors for evaluation were collected using our proprietary Editorially Driven Indexing Spider (EDIS). This system uses Internet based automated bots to collect massive volumes of data. The process requires rule sets that are configured by eMvoy research staff.

Third Party Data

Third-party sources were utilized. For example, databases were acquired by eMvoy that contained the lists of U.S. manufacturers that are registered to the ISO 9000 type standards. Other data was utilized from industry-specific, independent product testing and certification authorities such as NSF International.

Company-Provided Data

We request manufacturers to provide additional relevant data to help our staff validate or augment data.

Processing Data

A range of factors such as company size, company history, U.S. manufacturing facilities, ISO certifications, product or process certifications, trade association memberships, technological innovations and website content were utilized as variables. Field research was conducted to determine which factors were relevant to key decision makers. For example, industry purchasing agents were surveyed to decide which variables directly impacted procurement decisions. Weights were applied to indicate the level of importance for each factor.

What is the role of advertising in the eMvoy Score?

Advertising plays absolutely no role in the calculation of the eMvoy Score.

How do you show the eMvoy Score?

When you search our web site for services or products, you will get search results with names and a graphical representation of the eMvoy Score.

Do all industrial companies in your search results have an eMvoy Score?

eMvoy aims to rate each company in our system. Since we use numerous factors to calculate the eMvoy Score, we sometimes can't properly rank a company that doesn't have enough information available.

If you notice that your company doesn't have an eMvoy Score, we encourage you to contact us and submit more information.

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