Tuesday, October 31, 2006


eMvoy to rank US States by manufacturing competitiveness

On Wednesday, November 1st, 2006, eMvoy will release the National State Rankings for Manufacturing Competitiveness.

The results to be released are part of the conclusions of a one-year evaluation of 100,000 U.S. manufacturers. The findings include rankings of all fifty states.

Chicago-based eMvoy rated companies by assessing company stability, market penetration, technology and web presence. The research group performs large-scale evaluations of U.S. manufacturers as part of the services it provides to industrial purchasing agents.

eMvoy quote related to upcoming November 1st Release:

"The public perception is that, overall, U.S. manufacturing is weak. After looking at 100,000 manufacturers, we found a more complex picture. Our data pointed to a complex, yet very optimistic picture of U.S. manufacturing. A group of states scored exceptionally high for competitiveness. Other states were predictably flat or below the average. We didn't expect to see such huge gaps between the best and worst states." said Craig Landy, CEO of eMvoy.

About eMvoy

eMvoy is an independent technology and industry research company that provides market intelligence through in-depth analysis of U.S. manufacturers. Utilizing comprehensive analysis backed by proprietary data, eMvoy delivers vital business information to a range of industry sectors. eMvoy is also the only service that integrates a full-text search engine with a rating system of U.S. manufacturers. Chicago-based eMvoy was developed by the founders of SearchEngines.com, an industry watch group.

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