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Additional info about using eMvoy search and company rank

More about the eMvoy Score

The eMvoy Score is a new system that calculates a score for manufacturing companies by evaluating 24 different quality, reliability and stability factors. Companies are then assigned a ranking from one to five, which rates their competitive ability.

Industry professionals can use the eMvoy Score to quickly evaluate a manufacturer.

For more information, see our guide to the eMvoy Score.

What information is available on eMvoy.com?

The eMvoy Score

The eMvoy Score is used to quickly and easily evaluate manufacturing companies. Many companies are already rated with a score from one to five.

For more information, see our guide to the eMvoy Score.

Full-text searching

eMvoy.com features full-text searching. This means that our automated technology indexes the content of web sites that appear on our search results. Although we're a specialized score system and search engine for manufacturing, our technology is very robust and similar to major search engines in this respect.

You can search eMvoy.com the same way you search other search engines: by typing in your query. There are no complicated search forms or login requirements. Just type what you're looking for into the query box and click Search.

Score searching

You can use our How do they score? feature on the main page to type in a company name and find its eMvoy Score.

Editorial and Technical

eMvoy.com combines full-text searching technology with editorial know-how. In addition to the information we gather from your web site, our editors carefully choose keywords for your site, designate your company type, pick your Primary Products and ensure accuracy of our data.

The eMvoy Score is calculated based on 24 different quality, reliability and stability factors.

Company names

For most web sites, we display the company name as the clickable title in our search results. This important piece of information helps users find the companies they're looking for faster and easier.

You can also learn how to search by company name on eMvoy.

Primary Products

Our editors carefully select products and services that most closely match the main focus of companies in our system.

When you search, our ranking system automatically gives a small boost to companies that have your query terms in their Primary Products field. This helps our users find companies that specialize in a particular product or service more efficiently.

City and State

Most of the web sites in our database have a city and state information displayed in the search results. This is designed for users who find it helpful to know where a given company is located.

You can also learn how to search by city, state or zip code on eMvoy.

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